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30 December 2011


<alt img src='gambar.jpg' width='100' height='100' alt='amazon product list th lot sold out'/>
Amazon has a lot of business in the know the maniacs online business, and pretty much managed to build this business but many also fail to build this business.  

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27 December 2011


<alt img src='gambar.jpg' width='100' height='100' alt=' tips and trik exam toefl'/>
Each time the schedule starts admissions or offers of scholarships to study abroad from institutions prestigious open, prospective students around the world in droves following the English test TOEFL (Test Of Classic Foreign Language). 

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23 December 2011


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<alt img src='gambar.jpg' width='100' height='100' alt='hack facebook'/>
 You confuse you change your profile picture, a lot of coment that appears when you do not do a post with a sentence like that. Beware your FB account may have been in the collapse by unscrupulous eavesdroppers. Actually technique to hack FB account is mostly done is to utilize key logger application program.  

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<alt img src='gambar.jpg' width='100' height='100' alt='traffic blog instan'/>
Community unites bloggers often be number one  affairs traffic  blog, and it has a point. I actually agree with such an opinion. But you need to look at and be careful you get the traffic it processes

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10 December 2011


<alt img src='gambar.jpg' width='100' height='100' alt=' how selling your body'/>
Glimpse of the title of this post implies an impression of prostitution, wrong guys. Here's the story, in the marketing world we need to transform our talents and resources into core competence which eventually became our competitive advantage.  

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<alt img src='gambar.jpg' width='100' height='100' alt='ill during menstruation'/>
For every woman who has been legally baliq  adult would have had marked menstrual bleeding due entirely to the mucous membrane of the uterus, this is a natural process that is always repeated in the cycle. Menstruation is often followed by symptoms of lower abdominal pain, sore waist, pain throughout the body, lethargy, nausea, sometimes vomiting. These symptoms usually appear on the first or second day of menstruation.  

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<alt img src='gambar.jpg' width='100' height='100' alt=' ambein / hemoroid'/>Ambein or hemoroids is a medical disorder that attacks on the gastrointestinal (colon, rectum) which in showed  be feeling pain in the anus when sitting too long or at the time of defecation.  

Other features of this health disorder is the appearance of lump around the anus or blood discharge during bowel movements. Many factorsled to the emergence of these health problems are:

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01 December 2011


<alt img src='gambar.jpg' width='100' height='100' alt='profile lpp-pot'/>
Jln Adampe Dolot No. 149 Kel. Mogolaing Kec. Kotamobagu Barat Kota Kotamobagu


Research Institute for Integrated Development of Organic Agriculture (LPP-POT) is a non-governmental organizations which stand two years ago as stated in the deed of number 08, dated July 9, 2009 (attached). 

The main focus of activities of this institute is to encourage the development of organic-based farming in the area of ​​eco-friendly city government Kotamobagu. 

This situation is in the underlying by the fact 70% of the population still depend Kotamobagu City in the agricultural sector and also the emergence of problems related to market garbage that has not been in kelolah the maximum, so the answer to it as a solution as previously described problems is through the development of organic-based agriculture.

For this purpose the existence of LPP-POT in outline put ourselves as a partner with government to help provide training to farmers where they will be taught the ways of organic farming, how to make fertilizer that were increasingly expensive and scarce to support power- experts and experienced professionals in the field of organic farming.  

Cultural changes that were previously farmed a memorable traditional organic farming in turn will create a branding for the City Kotamobagu as a center of regional economic growth based on organic agriculture sector.


"Creating a healthy society and prosperous farmers and environmentally sound based on the principles of entrepreneurship"


  1. Accelerate the transformation of the management system and working methods of organic farming in the region in general and Bolaang Mongondow Kotamobagu City in particular.
  2. Put through intensive training to the farmers and the framework of resilience and food security.
  3. Mengsinergikan production factors support the development of organic farming
  4. 4. Cultural development of the use of organic fertilizers in the farming communities

To maximize the mission in the original set of leading several programs that are and will be carried out such as:
  1. Development centers according to the comparative advantages of organic farming in each region through field schools and field laboratory.
  2. Building a regional agro-tourism, agro industry, which is free of synthetic chemicals
  3. Establish a pattern of cooperation partnerships in organic agriculture commodity development

Some supporters of the work program of activities which we have carried out and that will be carried out are as follows:

  1. Design of irrigation in the area of ​​regional horticulture nebulization
  2. Training of organic fertilizer and bio pesticides to the farmers through the SL-PTT
  3. Manufacture of commodity paddy fields and demonstration plots of corn-based organic
  4. Prospects for organic farming workshop in the framework of an increase in PAD City Kotamobagu
  5. Biogas production of waste-based training
  6. Making biophori

#1. Chairman
#2. Secretary
#3. Treasurer
#4. Field of Research and Development
#5. Field Production
#6. Field Marketing
#7. Field Promotion and Investment
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06 November 2011


<alt img src='gambar.jpg' width='100' height='100' alt='great tools'/>
Tools that last one is somewhat in terms of detecting some important part of our blog as a website rank, keywords used, links blogs, social web, ip blogs and much more. Quote this tool to optimize a blog devoted to what we have with the monitor directly. To use this tool simply by selecting a menu that is served must suit our own needs and then input the url of the blog you have. Please click through the link below http://www.submitplus.com
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25 October 2011


<alt img src='gambar.jpg' width='100' height='100' alt=' fertilizer bactery'/>

  1. Cornflour
  2. 1 liter of bacterial fermentation and 1 liter of bacterial decomposition of 10-20 liters of water mixed
  3. Brown sugar to taste
  4. Fine sawdust
  5. Bucket


1). Bacterial fermentation flushing / sprayed in layers / corn flour stacked on repeat every 2 days
2). Iris brown sugar and mix evenly
3). Cover tightly, do not expose to sunlight or rain
3). Fertilizer stirred once every 2 days
4). After 3 weeks of fertilizer so with signs crumbly and no heat
5). Move TSB fertilizer that has become the sawdust media (1 kg to 500 kg in the mixed wood dust)
6). Watered-degrading bacteria / sprayed on sawdust media
7) After 3 weeks of fertilizer so with black signs

To obtain bacterial fermentation and bacterial decomposers can contact us. The bacteria that we developed consists of 17 straint namely:

   Azotobacter Sp
   Azospirillum Sp
   Lactobacillus Sp
   Aspergillus Sp
   Tricoderma Sp
   Penicillium Sp
   Bacillus megatherium
   Pseudomonas Sp
   Lactobacillus Sp
   Azotobacter Sp
   Azospirillum Sp
   Microbes fixasi non-symbiotic nitrogen

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10 September 2011


<alt img src='gambar.jpg' width='100' height='100' alt=' retired farmer'/>
Not many people know how to work PENSION from farmers, some people with sarcasm saying oh NOT POSSIBLE, IMPOSSIBLE or other terms that smells pessimistic. The term pension is only known at  among civil servants at the time a person has reached the maximum age pursuant to the 56-year civil service rules and that's when the question was no longer working and still receive income from the government.  

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